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An simple RPG Turn Based Game, ount how many times the color changes in order to know whats hapenning

How to win:

I don't get why people get so excited about rainbows, i mean, for what i know,

they are just a phenomenon caused by reflection of light, i don't know man,

for me, it just sounds boring.

However, my kingdom is being attack, and i have no time to think about "pretty colors".

A massive army is aproching, and i'm the only one thats here to protect it, actually, the only one that is able to protect it.

I see his army in the distance, and i know each one of their tactics, but still, this is not going to be an easy battle. First of all, i have to beat his peons, no wonder why he has like 20 thousands of them, they are useless, they only good thing they have is healing, they might make me a little bit weaker,but i can get over that easily, perhaps i'll be able to get some nice experience of what i'm gonna be doing while fighting them. Next oponent, their sorcerers, they have big life steal, but poor damage, hard thing is that theirs spells won't let me cast my forth healing spell, so, i'll be having a hard time. Yagh, the big dudes, i hate those guys, they just... stand there, i mean, wtf, do something.. please.. However i have to beat them too, the thing is that they have spikes comming out of their body, seems like they just sit there, wait until you hurt yourself, and then, heal, and heal, heal, kind of annoying.

Next one, i'm not pretty sure what they are, but, someone told me that when they close their eyes, everything changes, it's like a reflection, if i attack i might be healing myself, if i buff myself i might be debuffing him, my health bar might shows his, let me tell you, it sounds pretty weird, but i guess i can keep track of everything by looking at the bars. After all that, i will have to fight with the leader, i'll try not to loose, trying is what matters.

-- Key Bindings/Controls:

-- Bars(Controls)

  • " A " - Your health bar
  • " D " - Enemy Health bar

Dam, someone changed my key bindings, how i'm suposed to do now? I just remember two things: my buffs and debuffs had all the same value, and my skills were; Attack,Healing,Buff Attack,Buff Healing,Debuff Enemy Healing, Debuff Enemy Attack

-- Skills(Controls)

  • " 1 " - I have no idea - ???
  • " 2 " - Noup - ???
  • " 3 " - hmmm, i think this one might be my " healing " - Healing
  • " 4 " - Clueless - ???
  • " 5 " - I actually know this one, this is, uhmmm, " Debuff enemy damage" -Debuff Enemy Damage
  • " 6 " - Why do i have so many spells? - ???

- Missing keys(figure them out):

??? - Attack

??? - Buff damage

??? - Buff healing

??? - Debuff enemy heal

-- Special Keys(controls)

Q - Play this battle again

How to play and recommendations:

  • Turn based game, you play first, you will have 2 secs of waiting , and then your enemy plays
  • Count the black flashes in order to know how many health/damage/ etc you have, and count them in your enemy turn in order to know his.
  • A black screen for 5 secs after your turn means that you killed him and you are heading to the next enemy(that has different stats)
  • A black screen forever means that you lost, press " Q " to restart the battle
  • You can only each buff 2 more than the last battle per battle, meaning that you can have 2 attack more than in your last battle(enemies may debuff your attack sometimes, but you can Re-buff yourself as long as you have only 2 more than your previous battle) Same with healing buff.
  • You can debuff your enemy as long as he has more than 1 on the thing you are debuffing.
  • Read the "How to win", in order to win.
  • Highly recomended to have a paper or something where you can keep track yours stats, your keys, and enemy stats.

End of the text dot txt

End of my happyness

P.S: Let me know if this is way to hard. It's possible, because i had some dumb beta testers, so you it will be really ez 4 u, but it might be way to hard, i don't know, this is the second game i make.

P.S P.S: English is not my native lenguage

P.S P.S P.S: I need friends @Anemolito

P.S P.S P.S P.S: Notice me Sempai Linssen desu *wispers* I love ya *wispers*

P.S P.S P.S P.S P.S P.S P.S P.S P.S P.S P.S P.S: It is 6:20 Am, 5/1/2016, i forgot to finish the game, cuz im lazy :c

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